About Ocean Works Press

Ocean Works Press was started up in 1979 by Conrad A. Schwable and his partner Steve Andrews. Conrad had just completed a two year apprenticeship at Tamarind Institute in Albuquerque, NM. He received his Tamarind Master Printer certificate and was eager to get back to Orange Co., CA to start printing. The shop was located in an 1100 sq. ft. building in the cannery section of old Newport Beach.

Frank Howell watches Conrad buff down his drawing on Onyx.

It took a while to be discovered but we finally took-off. The shop had two Tackach/GaIfield motorized litho presses which could handle stones up to 39″x60″ and plates the same size. We had an inventory of 45 beautiful Bavarian limestones as well as Afion Onyx. Many type of processes were available at Ocean Works as you can see by the variety in the print collection. Ocean Works operated for five years in Newport Beach and then moved up to Spokane, WA. We worked there until 1990. After the shop closed Conrad moved on to print for several other shops around the country until he retired in 2003. Several of the prints on display at this site are for sale. Please contact us at cforc@verizon.net for information about pricing and availability.